Various tutoring books are available for this purpose, and the teacher will try to match the book with the needs of the student. If this is the case, the student may have lessons on the piano, thus learning the skill of piano playing as well as understanding the electronics of the keyboard.

I love my work and gain so much satisfaction advising my students and watching them develop as musicians. The sights, sounds, smells of the sea offer rich stimulation to our senses. Coaching others to appreciate the natural sound worlds and their relationships with living things is part of promoting social-emotional well-being.

Whilst teaching in local High Schools for 25 years, the subjects I was asked to teach included Music, Religion, English and Art.
As we write creatively, compose new music, or produce  sound recordings, this can reveal new understandings, growth and enrichment of our lives and those around us.


Looking forward to hearing stories from creative entrepreneurs who have established their own employment. The aim is to consider the future of aerospace music as technologies allow more inclusive participation and to stimulate creative collaboration of people in Australia or globally, and even through social networking with those on aerospace adventures.